Customize your Photo Booth Print

Choose from one of our previous templates or create your own!

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Single Image

The best way to showcase the image is to print it large.  We use up every inch of the space to display the image while keeping things simple. You can display your message, logo, or monogram in a variety of ways with this format.


Vertical Layouts

Our default layout which we found to be the perfect balance of number of photos and image size. Guests get to take anywhere between 2 to 4 photos which give them the right amount of enjoyment.  The 3 photo layout is our most popular selection.


Quad Photo Layout

Clean layout with 4 photos arranged onto the print, and we leave the space on the side to allow you to put in your logo, monogram, or personal message.


Custom Photo Layout

This is where you can get creative.  You can design your entire layout and background and we put it together.  They don’t even have to be the same size!

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